How to Get the Best Send Off Photos on Your Wedding Day

January 15, 2021

At that last song plays and your wedding day comes to an end, some couples opt to have one last “hoorahh” as they exit the reception with a send off. We’ve seen many send offs over the years and today we’re sharing some of our favorite options.

Five Wedding Send Off Ideas

Lavender – While we haven’t photographed a lavender toss, I do love the idea that it is natural and smells amazing.

Streamers – This is a great way to have your guests send you off while not leaving anything for the venue to clean up. And it is a very safe option if your couples have had a few drinks.

Bubbles – Environmentally friendly and easy to use – bubbles are a great option! They don’t “run out” so you have plenty of time to make sure everyone is ready for the perfect moment.

Biodegradable confetti – I have to say, this was my favorite! Each guest was given a confetti cannon to pop as the couple exited the museum at the end of the night. The colors, the pure joy – it is hard to beat! However, make sure you have permission from the venue, as the cleanup can be tedious and take hours.

Sparklers – A forever classic – the sparklers! There is a reason these are so popular – they photograph beautifully. Make sure you follow your venue’s rules, as these can be a safety hazard. When you are looking for sparklers to buy, purchase long ones that are specifically made for wedding exits – it can take awhile to light all of the guests’s sparklers, and if you have short ones, the first person to be lit, may have a finished sparkler by the time the last guest has the glow. Have a metal bucket to put the sparklers in once they have been used. Be sure to run through the sparklers as long as they last – if you make it to the end and they’re still going off, run through a second time!

Photo tip – “Run” through your exit in phases. Make it about 1/3 of the way down and then pause and kiss – a dip if possible – then repeat! Make it another 1/3 of the way down and go in for another kiss. And give us one final dip towards the end of the aisle. We want to make sure we get the perfect shot for you, and it can be hard to focus our cameras in the dark.

Doing a “send off” earlier in the day – Consider a “send off” when you exit down the aisle right after you’re married, or exiting the church or ceremony area. This is a really meaningful moment as you’ve just been pronounced husband and wife – and – your friends and family are still sober. 😉 One of our other couples opted to do a sparkler first dance – everyone surrounded them with sparklers as they shared that first song together.

Sparkler send off firework send off Ribbon wedding sendoff Confetti Cannon Send off Sparkler exit sendoff at Bella Collina Flower Petal toss recessing up the aisle streamer pop send off Flower toss recessional Bubble reception exitFlower petal toss after the wedding ceremony First dance with sparklers


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