How to Get the Best Wedding Party Photos on Your Wedding Day

February 12, 2021

Your wedding party plays a big part in your wedding – and they deserve to be represented in the photos! These are your closest friends and family members, and we want to make sure you have great photos together to remember this occasion.

6 Tips on How to Get the Best Wedding Party Photos on Your Wedding Day

  1. Give your wedding party a schedule ahead of time. Let them know when they need to be ready and where they should be waiting before photos. We love to be as efficient as possible on wedding days and communication is key!
  2. Make sure the bouquets and boutineers are ready to go and pinned on jackets before we start. Pinning bouts on the gentlemen can take up precious time. Drying off bouquets is important too – no one wants blotches of wet patches on their beautiful bridesmaids dress in the photo!
  3. If you have any fun ideas – don’t be afraid to speak up – letting us know ahead of time when we’re creating your timeline is helpful too. Some groomsmen like to include props – sun glasses or a photo showing off their fun socks – let us know and be collaborative!
  4. If you have any smaller group combinations (college friends, high school friends, etc), please include that in the questionnaire so we can allocate time for it.
  5. Have fun with it! This is the time on your wedding day to enjoy your closest friends! Give those hugs. Laugh together! You’re getting married!
  6. If you haven’t picked your wedding party yet, consider capping the group at 12. Much beyond that, including everyone in a photo is doable, but everyone’s faces get pretty small in the photos as we have to back up to include everyone in the shot.


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