Behind the Scenes with The Ganeys in 2019

December 30, 2019

This is my favorite blog of the year – behind the scenes! It allows me to look back on all of the amazing memories we captured and generally makes me crack up from the hilarious and unflattering photos of ourselves – and our terrible dance moves. Last year I added in some personal photos to remember our year – and…. I liked it – so I continued that this year. 😉

2019 was an amazing year for us! Our first full year in California and we finally found our stride! We had a lot of east coast travels – wrapping up our contracts from before our move – and also got to capture so much beauty out on the west coast. New friends were made and I’m so glad for each and every one of them.

Some stories worth mentioning that you’ll see down below:

  • We visited Alaska – and while it poured almost the whole time we were there, we loved getting to visit with our couple and have them show off such an amazing state
  • I got to visit with so many of my Florida friends! And my friend Ingrid flew out twice for shoots of her own. 🙂
  • We had the opportunity to work with Gather Design Company so many times!!! Amy is such a gem! This also ties into the hardest week of my year….
  • Amy flew down for a few styled shoots and a wedding. Unfortunately, she sprained her ankle the day before her flight. This meant she couldn’t carry anything (her hands were holding crutches), or walk quickly. Our initial plan was to give Amy my car so she could go to the flower mart while I prepared for the shoot – picking up dresses, shoes etc. But, with her ankle it left me to do ALL of the tasks of a florist. Oh. My. Word. Do I have SO much more appreciation for what they do! Lugging buckets of flowers is no easy task and putting together bouquets and centerpieces is so time consuming! Even just little things like filling the buckets with water. Flowers filled almost every inch of our apartment. Many rounds of applause for all of the florists in my life….. It was a TIRING week – and I got sick on top of it.
  • We had the best long weekend away at Hood Canal with one of our couples. They took us away to their cabin where we relaxed all weekend and took some photos. I’ve never boated to an engagement session before – but it is something I could get used to!
  • We photographed our 100th wedding this year! The evening ended with the most beautiful fireworks.
  • We went to Hawaii to attend a wedding and hiked the Kalalau Trail! More on that here…
  • One of our personal, crazy stories…. Thomas dropped his keys down the elevator shaft. It was a Sunday night. We had shot a wedding the day before. We were determined to go to sleep early and start the week off right. We took the pups for their evening walk and neither of us brought our cell phone. On our way back up, the keys slipped from Thomas’s fingers and straight down between the doors. We had to beg someone to use their phone and called the emergency maintenance line. The maintenance team said it would be $700 to get the elevator guys out to the complex to retrieve the keys (his car keys were on there too…). Womp, womp. The next morning, as we were walking to Bart to get Thomas to work, Thomas glanced over at the trash cans and saw a very long pole sticking out of the right one. Looking further, he happened to see a hook, separately, in the trash. Somehow, they screwed together and we both looked at each other excitedly. Would it be long enough? Would it fit through the crack?! IT DID! WE GOT THE KEYYYYSSS!! Definitely a highlight of the year and a story we’ll likely tell around the dinner table for years to come.
  • Thomas got his braces offfff!!!! 😀 😀

Thanks for following along! Can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us!

Behind the Scenes with The Ganeys behind the scenes at Zillah backyard wedding Emily from The Ganeys with Caitlin and Amy The Ganeys at a wedding at Silverado Resort Thomas fluffing the dress in Providence RI The Ganeys photographing engagement session outside of Seattle Behind the Scenes photos at Viansa Winery Behind the scenes at Pleasant Beach Village wedding weekend with Cait and Ben in Hood Canal Celebrating our 100th wedding at Nottoway Plantation Here we were back at our own wedding venue photographing Josh and Julianne’s wedding. There was one of OUR wedding photos in the bridal getting ready room!
Always fixing the dress! Come get some cake. This terrible turquoise backpack has been retired thanks to Amy and Callista!! The chaos of flatlay day. Flatlay day photographers getting together to photograph flatlays museum of fine art wedding in st pete behind the scenesThe week I was a florist….that time I had to be a florist I made this one myself with the leftovers! #soproud Emily from The Ganeys photographing a wedding at Annadel Estate photographing a wedding at Annadel Estate Winery Alice and I were bound and determined to save on rentals for a styled shoot… and my word that turned into a lot of complicated logistics! But we did it! When you’re a tiny florist carrying the equivalent of a tree… Thomas wrangling Poppy and Paisley! Thomas dominating cornhole… LINUSSSSS!And Janine. 🙂 Lovely Amy!!The Ganeys and Gather Design Company How we felt at the end of the hike…Thank you for the BTS shot on the right, Alice! Amanda is the sweetest! I’m so glad I got to meet her at the Le Collectif workshop!Amanda K Photo Art and Emily Ganey at Kestrel Park My best friend from high school was a bridesmaid in one of our weddings!! That time I caught him eating popcorn when I went up to the bridal suite… Alice and her insane styling kit… Always testing the light for me…The key story… told in photos… lol. See the black pole sticking out of the white trash can? The chaos of flatlays! The dogs sitting as close as they possibly can…. Thanks for being good to us 2019! Can’t wait for 2020!