Your Wedding Day Timeline – An Infographic

December 26, 2014

With every wedding that we photograph comes the question of, “What time would you like us to arrive?”

Thomas and I have a unique wedding package in the fact that we don’t put a time limit on our service. That being said, our brides have total control of how much bang for their photography buck they get on their wedding day. A few months before the big day, I usually walk through a timeline that I’ve drafted with my brides. Recently, I decided to make it a little more visual and share this optimal wedding timeline infographic will you all!

Obviously this timeline will need to be tailored to fit your needs. You may be traveling between your ceremony and reception site or you may have a really small wedding party. You should talk with your photographer (which will hopefully be us 😉 ) about the best timeline for your needs. Whether you are drafting your own wedding day timeline or you’re in a bridal party, I hope this will give you an idea of how long you should expect different parts of your day to take.

Wedding day timeline infographic