Our Travels in Copenhagen and Hven

July 27, 2015

Last February, Thomas and I were itching for a vacation. We had just about hit the two year mark of shooting our first wedding. After planning and photographing our first styled shoot, we were looking forward to exploring the world and finding some new inspiration.

After a few days on Google Flight Tracker, we had booked our one way ticket to Copenhagen. Why Copenhagen? Because the flights were $330 on Norwegian Air Shuttle. Score!

I didn’t know much about Copenhagen when we booked our flights – but it didn’t take long for us to fall in love with it.

Our first night in Copenhagen, we had the most delicious meal of our lives. We walked into this tiny, ten table restaurant and ate at the two person bar. Cornish hen, steak, fried chicken skin, creme brulee. After dinner, we walked the streets until 10:30 pm and it was still bright out! The sun was only down for 4 or 5 hours every evening.

The next morning we made a spur of the moment decision to take a tour of the surrounding areas. We headed towards the tour bus and grabbed a quick breakfast. Well, the tour company was totally unaware that we had signed up last minute and had just closed the doors as we approached the bus. Thomas knocked on the door, and thankfully, got the driver’s attention. We hopped on board and were on our way to Roskilde Cathedral, the Viking ship museum, Frederiksborg Castle, and Kronsborg.

The next morning we took a ferry (which we literally ran to catch before it took off because I had left my cell phone with the confirmation number at our B&B) trip to Hven – a Swedish Island between Norway and Sweden. We rented a tandem bicycle (because they’re adorable) to explore the 4 km island. Umm…tandem bike = scariest experience ever. Team building to the extreme. Thomas and I managed to get some of the worst sunburns of our lives that day, but it was so worth it.  The views were stunning. To our left, we saw the coast, to our right, we saw rippling fields of wheat, llamas, windmills, and wildflowers.

Our last day in Copenhagen we simply explored and people watched. We made our way through the gardens, saw stunning architecture, and explored the narrow streets. I loved seeing the boats and even the graffiti on the stone. That night, we packed our bags and headed to Milan.

Copenhagen was a lovely city and I highly encourage you all to visit! Filled with stylish young professionals, colorful buildings, and a lively culture, Copenhagen is high on my list to explore again.

Copenhagen on film

2015-07-27_0002film photographs of Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen 2015-07-27_0006Copenhagen 2015-07-27_0008Copenhagen Film photographs of Copenhagen Film photographs of Copenhagen 2015-07-27_0012Film photographs of Copenhagen Film photographs of Copenhagen Colorful houses in CopenhagenFilm photographs of Copenhagen Film photographs of Copenhagen Day trip to Hven 2015-07-27_0019Day trip to Hven 2015-07-27_0021Day trip to Hven Biking along the coast of HvenDay trip to Hven Day trip to Hven 2015-07-27_0026Day trip to Hven 2015-07-27_0028 2015-07-27_0029Weekend in Copenhagen Weekend in Copenhagen Weekend in Copenhagen 2015-07-27_0033 2015-07-27_0034Weekend in Copenhagen Weekend in Copenhagen 2015-07-27_0037Weekend in Copenhagen 2015-07-27_0039