I suppose I should introduce myself…

February 26, 2015

So frequently I ask couples what makes them “them” – what are their quirks, what makes them different, what do they love about each other. Today, I wanted to share a few fun facts about me that make me “me.

  • Thomas and I are dog people. We have a westie (which has been my dream dog forever) and a mini golden doodle.Westie and mini golden doodle About The Ganeys About The Ganeys
  • Checking the mail is one of my favorite parts of the day. Maybe that is also because Thomas and I are walking the pups, or maybe it is the anticipation. Either way, when I see a hand addressed envelope, I get a huge smile on my face.
  • I start every morning with an oatmeal concoction. Honey crisp apples are my jam.
  • I purchased (okay, my parents purchased) my first digital camera (point and shoot – whoohooo) the summer I biked from Seattle to San Francisco. Yes, that happened. #humblebragbiking from Seattle to San Francisco
  • I studied international business in grad school. That pretty much means I’m that much more than qualified to photograph your destination wedding. 😉Great wall of China
  • When we saw our doodle for the first time, he had a red collar around his neck. We decided to name him Canon because they have red rings around their lenses. Six months later, Thomas purchased a Canon camera (darn you subconscious…).
  • I love to paint. I know I’m not the best, but I find it so relaxing.
  • I started playing the violin at the ripe age of 5 and played throughout high school. I still have my violin and know I’ll pick it up again some day.
  • I rarely watch movies (I always fall asleep). Of those I have watched, my favorites (You’ve Got Mail, The Holiday, Notting Hill) are rated between at 6.5 and a 7.0 on IMBD. I’m a sucker for sappy romantic movies and apparently those just don’t make it past a 7. 🙂
  • I got my start in the wedding world at the age of 5. 😉 
  • I am a Leo, but I don’t feel like one.


There you have it. A handful of fun facts about the girl behind the camera. I would love the chance to get to know a little more about you!