Hipster Wedding Portraits in Livermore

December 11, 2018

My favorite aspect of The Vivify Workshop was the diversity! All of our models were different – and beautiful – in their own way. Our third couple of the day – Stephanie and John – captured the offbeat and hipster vibe perfectly. John’s mustache? Incredible. Stephanie’s black jumpsuit? Too good. And their matching wedding band tattoos? Digging it. I’m so excited to share their hipster wedding portraits with you! 

John and Stephanie got married earlier this year on their 10th anniversary. If you look closely, you’ll notice that their wedding tattoo is made up of 9 lines and dots – and their wedding band is the 10th element, representing every year they’ve been together. They plan on getting additional lines and dots added every five years on their anniversary.

They had so much fun having their photos taken on their wedding day that they graciously agreed to model for the session when Cassie Valente reached out for a model call. Sarah later said “these experiences have been less about getting beautiful portraits taken of us, and more about dressing up together and getting to spend the day expressing our love for each other.” I think that’s the sweetest! 

A huge thank you to all of the vendors who put together this hipster wedding inspiration in Livermore! Venue: The Ranch at Birch Creek // Design & host: Mariee Weddings // Photography host: Cassie Valente Photography // Rentals: Pleasanton Rentals // Blooms: Sarah’s Garden Design // Catering: Charming Fig Catering // Hair and Makeup: Fiona from Urban Beauty Loft // Jumpsuit: J’aime Bridal // Dessert: Ma Petite Maison Cake Design // Paper & Creative: Pluma and Pine & Paper Tie Affair // Ribbon: Party Crush Studios //