Cheyenne & Danny: A Muir Woods Elopement – San Francisco Wedding Photographer

December 9, 2015

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If Thomas and I eloped, we knew it would be in the woods. In the redwood forest. In California. Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so!

One day I was at work when my cell phone went off. It was our sweet couple, Cheyenne and Danny. Months earlier, they had moved their wedding plans around quite a bit due to some challenges with vendors in the area and then a move to a new state. They opted to postpone the celebration for another 6-9 months. Well, the day they contacted me, they expressed to me that their date – November 14th – meant a lot to them. That was the day they met. That was the day they got engaged. And they really wanted it to be the day they got married.

They were planning a vacation to the west coast and considering eloping. Before they decided to go for it, they wanted to make sure it was still documented properly, so she wanted to know if I had any recommendations for photographers in California. I raised my hand (over the phone) and said, “Oooh! Me! I know us! Pick us!!” And so they began planning.

The day of the elopement, we woke up – and the day was so different than a typical wedding day. We all ate quiche together around the table, listened to music, and ate chocolate (kit kats and m&m’s – yum!). Cheyenne watched makeup tutorials while I snapped some details in the backyard of their Air BnB. Cheyenne layered on necklaces and put on her booties to complete her boho vibe.

We took them outside for their first look and then all hopped into the car for our drive to Muir Woods. We met the officiant there and headed into the woods. We found “their spot” in front of a large tree, and the ceremony began. It was so intimate and beautiful. The officiant had taken the time to get to know them and incorporated pieces of their story into the verse. Cheyenne and Danny read their vows from artifact notebooks. A small crowd gathered to watch them start this journey together.

Thomas and I got to sign the paperwork (that was fun!!) and take them through the park for portraits. The light was good to us!

After our stroll through the park, we celebrated with pizza – naturally! Following the pizza we took them up to the headlands for a stunning view of the bridge.

Shooting this elopement was so heartwarming and fresh. It was different. Every aspect of the day was done for Cheyenne and Danny – and no one else. It was beautiful.

Cheyenne and Danny – Thank you so much for including us in your story. We adore you two and are so grateful that you gave us this opportunity. It was an experience I will never forget. See you in a few months for another celebration!

Location: Muir Woods // Dress: David’s Bridal // Booties: Tahari // Florist: Mandolin Flowers // Officiant: Weddings of Heart // Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab

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