Behind the Scenes with The Ganeys in 2018

December 28, 2018

Normally, our “Behind the Scenes” posts are filled with entertaining and unflattering photos of us working – or dancing – throughout wedding days. For some reason (ahem, probably the braces), we didn’t take as many photos of ourselves this year while we were working. However, we did have such an incredible year that I’m going to share some personal “Behind the Scenes” photos in this year’s blog post! Don’t worry – there’s still plenty of us working too. 😉

2018 was a big one for us. While so many years bleed together, this will be the year that was pivotal for us. We moved across the country. We found a new place to call home. It was a goal of ours for a few years, but when it happened, it happened fast. So fast that I’m about to tell you about it…

We had plans to fly to SF on May 4th, for a wedding we were photographing out here on May 5th, but Thomas got a call about an interview… so flights were changed. He flew out on the 3rd and interviewed on the 4th, while I stuck with my original flight on the 4th. We photographed a wedding on the 5th and flew home on the 6th. That next weekend, we photographed a beautiful wedding in St. Pete on May 12th. The next day, we flew to Iceland for an engagement session. We got the news of Thomas’s job offer on May 14th (uhhh – I thought we would be waiting for at least a month!!), flew home on May 16th. On May 18th we flew to Dallas for an an engagement session (that got partially rained out). Flew home on May 20th. On May 21st I did a styled shoot in Tampa (that also got rained out) and on May 22nd I flew to Seattle to spend some time with my family. On May 26th we shot an engagement session in Seattle, on May 29th I had a styled shoot in Seattle and on the 31st I flew home to Tampa. In June, we packed up our apartment. June 15th was Thomas’s last day at work. We flew back to Seattle (on the 16th) for a wedding on June 17th. On June 18th we had a styled shoot. On June 19th we flew back to Tampa and picked up our uhaul. On the 20th we moved out of our apartment and packed the uhaul. Then we drove to Orlando. On the 21st we shot a wedding in Orlando that ended at midnight. On the 22nd we started our trek across the country! On the 24th we photographed the other half of that engagement session in Dallas that got rained out. We arrived in San Francisco on June 27th and Thomas started work 5 days later! Phew – that’s exhausting just writing it all out.

Other memorable moments include:

  • gaining a nephew and a niece two days apart!
  • traveling to Iceland, Sweden, Paris, and The Netherlands
  • scratching my cornea and not being able to see for about a week
  • having our images printed in The Knot for the first time
  • adding three new states to our map
  • reading 12 books this year – and listening to 5 more
  • using the app 1 Second Everyday for the first time
  • Stepping on a rattlesnake and surviving

So, let’s take a look back at 2018, shall we?