The Ganeys are Moving to San Francisco

May 24, 2018

It is no secret that Thomas and I love the west coast. We try to find a way to get out to California as often as we can. In 2017 we made four trips out there – even I can’t believe that!

Our five-year goal was to end up in the San Francisco area – but here we are only two years into that plan – moving to San Francisco! Can you believe it?! Yeah, me either!

Thomas works in finance. He’s currently a mutual fund analyst (yup – yawn… although to him it is incredibly exciting… he’s constantly learning about new companies and loves it). In his current role, Thomas has followed and worked with a firm for years, and when a position opened up that he was qualified for, he applied. This definitely wasn’t part of the initial plan (come on… he got braces in December because we thought we were going to be here for awhile longer…). He went out for an interview in early May and things progressed from there.

Thomas and I shot a wedding on May 12th, flew a redeye to Iceland on May 13th and had a full epic engagement session on May 14th (coming to the blog soon!). Needless to say we were exhausted as we tucked ourselves into bed that evening around 9pm. Thomas woke up just an hour or so after going to bed – but had no concept of what time it was (because it was still so bright outside – as Iceland is so far north). He looked at his phone to see what time it was – and there was a voicemail from the company he had interviewed with. He woke me up and shared the news (I should also say that we were sharing a room with our sweet couple – so Thomas and I were whispering in the dark for 20 minutes at this point). Needless to say – neither of us got a lot of sleep that night. There was just too much to think about. My mind couldn’t shut off! Of course there was excitement – but also so many things to process and consider!

The next day, Thomas connected with the prospective company while we were driving around southern Iceland and was officially offered the job. Needless to say – the trip will be one that we won’t forget – for more reasons than one.

Thomas’s last day is going to be on June 15th. We have two weddings to photograph before we move, but we’ll be packing up early June and officially starting the cross country drive the next week. We are excited! We can’t wait to explore a new part of the country and be just a short drive from so many incredible places. I’m excited about being closer to Seattle (where a lot of my family lives) and for the new adventures in this next chapter. At the same time, we’re both crazy overwhelmed with a mile high to do list. Moving is never easy – and moving across the country is simply daunting.

So how can you help during this time of transition? Here are some ways:

Do you have any recommendations for the bay area? Favorite restaurants? Hikes? Friends that love dogs that are looking to snuggle with two fluffy buds on the occasional weekend? Send them our way!

Do you know any wedding vendors in the area? People I should reach out to and connect with? I’m looking forward to making some new friends!

Do you know of any couples in California that are getting married soon? We won’t be mad if you pass our name along! Referrals are our favorite way of finding new couples to work with – and it would really mean the world to us if you thought of us during this transition. Uprooting a business is not an easy thing to do, but I’m confident that we’ll continue this journey and it will be a beautiful change for us.

Don’t worry – we’ll be back to Florida plenty! We have family there and plenty of weddings on the calendar that will keep us coming back for the next year or so. I feel so thankful for our couples and friends that have reached out and offered encouragement and kind gestures during this time. At this point we’re taking it one day at a time and making progress towards this next chapter together. Thank you all for your continued support! See you out on the west coast!