Minimalistic Bridal Inspiration with Floral Earrings at RiverOaks Charleston

February 7, 2018

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“Trees down south have a difference to them, a subtle, slinking movement, mile by mile–a gracefulness, a swagger. Lanky trees stretching out their wiry thin, Spanish moss-covered branches, moss that sways and beckons … come here, come here, it says.”
― Suzanne Palmieri, The Witch of Belladonna Bay, 2014

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and this minimalistic bridal inspiration is just that. As a photographer, this was an exercise in freedom. There were no limits, no distractions. Just Carmen, the most fluid Alexandra Grecco gown, and Carmen’s movements.

Carmen moved like a ballerina. Her muscles were defined, yet feminine. Her skin glowed under the sweeping Spanish moss at RiverOaks. She wore a white gown that flowed like water over her body, the deep V in the back acting as a starting point for the waterfall. I love the way that Carmen floated in this gown, leaving ripples behind her.

Her hair was swept to the side in a low braided bun. In her hair, she wore a delicate BHLDN beaded crown, complete with real flowers.

Her makeup was fresh and natural. Her lips were the most beautiful shade or orange-red, complimenting her glowing skin tone.

The most striking part of this minimalistic bridal inspiration was the floral earrings created by La Fleur du Jour. Who needs a bouquet? The earrings were pulled together with Spanish moss and the most delicate astrantia adding texture and depth.

A big thank you to all of the vendors that worked so hard to pull this together: Workshop: Michael & Carina // Creative Direction: East Made Event Company // Venue: RiverOaks Charleston // Florist: La Fleur du Jour // Calligraphy: Maurelle Calligraphy & Design // Hair and Makeup: Emily Artistry // Dress: Alexandra Grecco // Earrings & Hairpieces: BHLDN // Rings: Susie Saltzman // Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes // Model: Carmen Thorpe // Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab

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