Emily & Thomas Ganey

As a husband and wife team, we are driven by capturing real moments and documenting love stories in an organic way. Some of our favorite aspects of our job are hearing unique stories, meeting amazing people and capturing love that can move mountains. We seek out couples whose weddings embody these ideas. We’re inspired by authenticity and adventure, and as your photographers we’ll rejoice in celebrated moments and tear up during emotional ones. If our images become a piece of your future – a lasting, tangible memory of your most beautiful day – then we’ve done our job. 

We’re excited you’ve dropped by and that you’re considering us AS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS!

Many of my life’s most important moments are defined by photography. I began as a travel photographer but found my focus shifting in college toward wedding photography, a focus that became my passion and motivation before evolving into the business in 2012. I fell for the facets of every person I worked with, and it was a privilege to capture their personalities in my photos. It still is.

Let’s see … what else? Although I’m organized by nature, I have a car bursting with mix CDs from the 90's. London has a special place in my heart. I adore westies. Some days I’m convinced I love foamy milk more than the latte itself. I don't put milk in my cereal - it gets too soggy! I use three calendars – narrowed it down from the six last year! I take pride in finding the best bargain and believe there’s nothing better than handwritten letters. I also believe that if it weren’t for Thomas, this dream would not have come true the way it has. 

Oh, a few more things:
I believe in laughter. I believe in surprises.
I believe in details. And I believe in you!




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Allow me to introduce myself as the bag-handling, film-swapping, lens-switching, and accessory-organizing half of this team. Aside from those ever-critical roles, I also occasionally take a photograph or two. You’ll usually find me lying on the pavement while snapping a shot of your shoes, inching slightly closer to capture your ring at just the right angle, or staring wildly into the sun searching for an ever-elusive “sun flare” opportunity. Sometimes, I even take a photo of you smiling.

All kidding aside, I am extremely excited about our photography practice. With Emily’s help, I’ve been able to turn a longtime hobby into a wonderful trade. The most rewarding aspect of this business is connecting with the people we meet. Being able to take part in a friend’s wedding day, in addition to capturing their first moments as a married couple, is truly an honor.

I’m a huge finance nerd. Don’t ask because I’ll talk too much about it. I ALSO enjoy reading, cooking, tossing the Frisbee with the dogs, Hiking, snowboarding, golfing, and traveling.

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Our Work & Travels

We are natural light photographers who use both film and digital cameras to capture your wedding with a timeless, organic approach. Although we’re based in San Francisco, our work takes us all over the world – something we love. 


We are always incredibly grateful when wedding blogs feature our work. Check out some of our favorites!


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Our Traveling Hearts

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Traveling to new places has been a huge bonus for us, too. The map above our bed has scattered pins for every place we’ve been along this journey, and we’re always looking to put the next one up. We’ll work with couples as much as we can to make that happen.

See where we've been

We have a goal to shoot an engagement session or wedding in every state in the US. It sounds crazy, but we love a little adventure!

Above all, we want to make sure we really connect with our couples, as they’re going to become some of our closest friends! (Seriously.)

Are you ready to learn more?

Photos of us thanks to: Kayla Barker, Danielle Poff and Lacher's Lens