Katharine and Keith: A Washington DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

May 9, 2014

Dream come true right here! Katharine and Keith invited us up to their neck of the woods for a Washington DC cherry blossom engagement session! These two met more than five years ago. They were both taking business calculus at the University of South Florida. Keith had noticed Katharine right from the beginning of the semester. However, Katharine was taking the class with her sister, Victoria, and didn’t pay much attention to the other students.

The semester moved on and Keith never found the right moment to introduce himself.

The day of their final, Katharine hobbled into class (not so graceful moments + concert = hurt ankle). The final began and they all moved forward with the exam – ready for the semester to be over.

Katharine finished her exam and slowly exited the room.

“There goes the girl I never got to talk to”  thought Keith. He finished his exam a few minutes later and was pleasantly surprised to see Katharine waiting on the curb next to the parking lot.

Keith initiated a conversation and introduced himself. When Katharine’s sister pulled the car around, Keith helped Katharine into the car and they said their goodbyes. Victoria began to drive off.

“Who was that guy?” asked Victoria.

“I’m not really sure. His name is Keith. He was in our class all semester.”

“He seemed nice. Did you get his number?”


The car pulled a u-turn and you can imagine what happened next. Needless to say, numbers were exchanged, dates took place, and they fell in love.

Upon graduation, Katharine taught English in Korea and after a few months, she convinced Keith to join her.They lived half way across the world for a year and experienced life in a new country and culture.

On their way back to the US, they stopped in Paris for a few days. Keith was aware that Katharine was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Without too much forethought, he realized that he was proposing. Upon their return to the US, they purchased a ring and started planning the celebration.

We had a perfect weekend with Katharine and Keith in DC, exploring the city and seeing the cherry blossoms! I am so happy for them and I am thrilled that they get to spend the rest of their life together!

Katharine and Keith – you two are so wonderful! I hope we have the opportunity to see one another again (sooner rather than later!). I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality – both weekends are ones that I will remember for decades to come.

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