Stephanie and Joel: A Backyard Wedding in Sarasota

March 21, 2016

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To put it bluntly, Stephanie and Joel are awesome. These two were some of the most laid back and relaxed individuals we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Calm weddings are the best weddings. All of the emotions are focused on the love shared between the bride and the groom – and that is exactly the kind of wedding that Stephanie and Joel had. (It may have helped that they had an awesome planner so they didn’t need to stress… 😉 )

It was the first wedding of the year for us. The sun was shining and all of the details had been laid out. Stephanie and Joel had a backyard wedding in Sarasota. Stephanie knew that the trees in her backyard where she grew up were some of the prettiest, and that is where she wanted to say her vows. Wooden stumps lined the aisle, topped with potted plants and sprinkles of Spanish moss. As Stephanie and Joel said their vows, they were given some ‘sage’ advice and some animal from across the street chimed in too. Their vows were sweet, and Joel’s ring was tight. 😉

Stephanie wore a beautifully simple lace gown. She had a pearl hair piece that I just could not get enough of – what a delicate detail. She carried a bouquet of greenery and roses – kale too! I love how that tied in the backyard garden vibe of the wedding.

After the ceremony, the guests made their way over to the reception tent. The yards and yards of string lights made my heart happy! The tables were topped with planters and bottles of “Marquez” wine to celebrate the joining of a new family.

Off to the side, the naked cake sat upon a wooden slab from a tree that used to sit in the very yard where they had just exchanged vows. The cake was decorated with berries and greenery from the garden.

As the sun set, lanterns in the lake lit up and twinkle lights in the adjacent trees set the tone for the evening.

Stephanie and Joel had their first danced to “The Way I Am” (one of my favorites…such a sap over here behind the camera). Let’s just say the dancing didn’t stop there! They kept the floor warm throughout the night with the help of their guests. Everyone had an absolute blast!

Stephanie and Joel – congratulations on your beautiful wedding and your awesome marriage. You two are so fun, so full of life, and so happy! Your joy is contagious and I’m so thankful we had the ability to have it resonate within us. Thinking of you bring a smile to my face. Until we meet again over a pool table – hugs!

Venue: Private Residence // Planner: That Special Day Events // Cake: Hands on Sweets // Florist : Elegant Designs // Hair: Southern Roots Salon // Gown: CC’s Bridal Boutique // Bridesmaids Gowns: UW Dress // Groomsmen attire: Men’s Warehouse // Hairpiece: // Caterer: Cafe Havana // DJ: Black Tie DJs // Favors: The Knot // Limo Service: // Honeymoon: Sandal’s at Ocho Rios

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