Kelsey and Brian at Leu Gardens in Orlando

September 9, 2015

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Kelsey is one of my dearest friends. The day she and I first met, we were outside, in our pajamas, taking our dogs out. She was telling another resident about a car that was towed when it shouldn’t have been, and I learned right then and there, that this girl knew what she wanted. She knows her viewpoint and has facts to back them up.

I was so thrilled when our scheduled finally aligned for us to visit Kelsey and her boyfriend Brian in Orlando! We spent the morning strolling through Leu Gardens – such a gorgeous spot. After that, we went to the Maitland Art Center, where they have some awesome Aztec type architecture. To make the session even better, this was Thomas’s first time really shooting film. Neither one of us took any digital photos (we didn’t even bring our digital cameras) – so this post is all film (and four different types!). It was so fun to teach him and watch Thomas get even more precise with his shots. And he got super excited when got the email from Richard Photo Lab that our film scans were ready for download. 🙂

But enough about us! Let me tell you more about Kelsey and Brian!

These two have been together for about a year. After law school, Kelsey moved to a small town outside of Orlando for work. I’m not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but Kelsey is amazingly driven and super intelligent. It is no surprise that she and Brian hit it off at a work happy hour one Friday evening. Shortly after, they began dating. And let me tell you, Brian treats Kelsey so well! He has gone above and beyond – such a sweet guy! While they no longer work in the same office, they do spend a ton of time together. They love exploring the area, trying new restaurants, and watching sporting events! They are huge Orlando City soccer fans. And, could they be any cuter?

Kelsey and Brian, I loved spending the morning with you two! You are the sweetest. I really hope it doesn’t take quite so long for us to get together next time! Hugs!

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