Hannah & Mike: A Vermont Wedding in the Summer

September 3, 2013

Mike and Hannah have one of the most beautiful and romantic stories I’ve heard. They have created wonderful memories and weathered extremely challenging events together. The fact that they have grown together through life’s struggles is a true validation of their love for one another. It is because of all of this that we were so honored to photograph their Vermont wedding.

Before Hannah and Michael were “Hannah & Mike,” they were both very busy individuals that didn’t have enough time for the dating scene. As a solution to their hectic schedules, they both turned to online dating.

Mike and Hannah first met in March of 2011. They exchanged their first words over lunch at a local New Jersey diner. Not wanting the date to end when the check arrived, Mike suggested that they play boardgames in a nearby park. After digging through Mike’s renowned board game collection that he always keeps in his trunk, they settled on chess and cribbage. Despite the fact that Mike beat Hannah at almost every game (very gentlemanly of you, Mike 😉 ), he appreciated her lively personality and gentle disposition. Within a few months, they shortly became inseparable.

Shortly thereafter, difficult events made their way into Hannah & Mike’s lives. The loss of a close family member as well as a sudden illness shed a new light on the pair’s relationship. They stood by one another through the trying times and emerged from the pain as a stronger couple.

In December of 2012, Hannah and Mike discussed taking the next step together. After receiving family blessings and a beautiful ring from Hannah’s grandmother, they were engaged to be married.

Hannah has a caring soul and a crafty spirit. She crochets sweaters (I’ve heard rumors of a cat sweater…I’m hoping she can make a dog sweater too…haha) and bakes frequently. She recently added a Kitchen-Aid mixer to her culinary tool set. It has been a game changer! Hannah has a huge heart filled with love for Mike (of course), as well as her cats and rats (Mike jokes that there will be bats in the future). Hannah is one of the kindest people I’ve met. On top of all that, she has stunning light blue eyes and a contagious laugh.

Mike is a super smarty. He attended Yale and studied chemistry. After graduation, it only made sense for Mike to push all of his hard work aside and chase after his true passion – teaching. He returned to school, earned his Master’s degree, and is now teaching high school math. Mike is a sports fanatic and has been known to participate in multiple fantasy leagues at a time. He adds humor to almost every situation (including his wedding vows). His wit and intelligence allowed him to quickly find a home in Hannah’s heart.

Hannah and Mike’s wedding was straight out of a magazine. Hannah poured her heart into the details. She sewed every table runner, cut every wine bottle centerpiece, crafted every party favor, and even made her own garter. In true “do it yourself” fashion, the bride and groom exchanged personally written vows that had all of us reaching for our handkerchiefs as well as doubled over in laughter.

Hannah and Mike, thank you so much for including Thomas and I in your wedding day! It is a day that I will always cherish and your love is inspirational! You both have left an imprint on my heart. I simply adore you.

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