Brittany & Andy: A Keukenhof Engagement Session

April 24, 2018

When we had our consultation with Brittany and Andy, we met them out at a local restaurant. Typically, we invite couples over to our house, but Thomas was a little under the weather (and let’s be real – he’s the one cooking) so we adjusted our plans. After appetizers and our entree, we still had so much to talk about that we had to invite Brittany and Andy back to our place for dessert (pretty sure Brittany only said yes so she could meet the dogs…). Brittany and Andy are the kind of people that you meet and think to yourself, “Are you sure we haven’t been friends our whole lives?” Brittany is so inquisitive – she asks so many thoughtful questions and Andy is filled with witty humor that puts everyone at ease. As the night progressed, we began talking about their photos and Brittany mentioned doing a Keukenhof engagement session. You know – in the Netherlands – the famous garden filled with tulips? At first I thought she was kidding, but I quickly realized she wasn’t.

The planning began at the beginning of the year – plane tickets, rental cars, and the cutest airbnb’s. We had an incredible time exploring Belgium and the Netherlands with these two… we ate the most delicious food every single day! Don’t worry, I’ll share more about the trip on the blog soon, but for now, Brittany and Andy!

Andy and Brittany were friends in high school but didn’t start dating until college, despite the drive between their two schools. About a year ago, Andy started to plan his proposal. When the initial plan became a little too complicated, Andy decided to simplify it and revert back to tradition. Andy’s dad and grandfather both proposed in a parking lot – and oddly enough – Brittany’s parents also got engaged in a parking lot. So, in July, Andy proposed to Brittany in her apartment parking lot. It brings me so much joy when proposals are meaningful! Needless to say – Brittany said yes!

Since then, these two have started their lives together in New York City while they plan their December wedding at the Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota. Brittany is a nurse practitioner about to start a new job and Andy works in technology security. They’ve recently moved to a new apartment and are spending their weekends piecing together new furniture. They’re also hoping to add a corgi to the family this year! Fingers crossed that happens before the wedding day so that we’ll get to snuggle with the cutest member of the wedding party!

We loved exploring Keukenhof gardens with these two for their engagement session! Although the flowers weren’t quite blooming everywhere in early April, it was still incredibly beautiful. Getting lost and meandering through the rows of flowers was the perfect way to end this European adventure with Brittany and Andy.

Andy and Brittany, we can’t thank you enough for inviting us to Europe and sharing Keukenhof with us! We had the best time exploring with you two – laughing at the overpacked car – finding the best places for every meal – chasing tulip fields – and being terribly underdressed (at least the first few days). We can’t wait to see you two again – and celebrate your anniversary somewhere exotic in the future! 😀

Blue floral dress: JessaKae

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