Behind the Scenes in 2017

December 27, 2017

Well, this is always one of the more entertaining posts – even though it isn’t necessarily the most flattering. LOL! Here is a glimpse behind the scenes into wedding days with The Ganeys! Cool dance moves and smudged-off-makeup-after-working-for-12-hours included. 😉

Lots of incredible travel this year! Oahu was breathtaking! And California – of course! We got to visit the SF area four times this past year and stay for over a week this past summer!  Thomas enjoyed the popcorn bar…..  Someone’s got to wear the veil…..  Laura Miller sneaking some BTS during our photoshoot…sometimes you can’t get high enough…  So, it is harder than it looks……To see more from our honeymoon in Machu Picchu check out this post. 🙂 When a guest wants to practice their photo skillzzzz…. Dance moves for days.  Typical day…. No, the pups don’t come along on photoshoots. But yes, they’re included in behind the scenes….sorry not sorry. Quintessential SF cable car photo…  Not sure what is going on in this photo…..  Or this one….  Reunited with high school friends! <3 Family photo list coordinating Thomas always gets to handle the dress…. And the boutineers!  Dance moves for days!  Next time we’ll ask for one on our cell phones…..  Accurate.  Apparently I like to get close to people and make weird faces…. Thomas teaching someone how to use his camera…..  “Can you take this film?” Trying to figure out if Thomas is asking… 1) for them to kiss again because we missed the shot 😉 or 2) if he can be the first one to get a slice of cake… See you guys in 2018!!