What to Wear for Your Engagement Shoot

July 22, 2017

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One of the questions my couples ask me most often is, “what should I wear for my engagement session?” This is an important question to ask! Seriously, I feel like your attire has a big impact on the way your photos turn out. Here are some of my suggestions regarding what to wear for your engagement shoot!

1. Be confident and comfortable.

We have all purchased that dress or top that we think is stunning – but deep down we know it is a little too short or a little too low cut. You want to be beaming during your session – not worried about your dress and whether or not you need to pull it down a little farther. My #1 tip is to select an outfit that you feel 100% comfortable and confident wearing.

Lauren and Dave rocked outfits they’d wear any weekend!

Engagement outfit ideas

2. Be yourself.

I want you to feel like yourself. There is nothing like getting photos back and feeling like a photographer truly captured you and your fiance in your true element. If you don’t usually wear maxi dresses – don’t go out and buy one for the shoot. If you saw a precious photo on pinterest of a girl with bohemian, floral pants, don’t start a hunt for a pair if you think you’ll never wear them again. You want your photos to represent you – not replicate another couple.

Rachel and Tommy wore the outfit that they wore on their first date. It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

tips for picking your engagement outfit 2016-02-05_0007

3. Coordinate and compliment – but avoid matching.

Your engagement session is a time to be yourself and play off of one another – not walk into J.C. Penny and have family photos taken. On your wedding day, you’ll probably wear a white dress or a suit – so the engagement session is an opportunity to show off your every day style. I love how Marisa and Sean’s outfits were in the same color tone family. You don’t always need to find elements of matching pop colors – but complimenting one another in the same tone range is critical.

how to pick the perfect engagement session outfit

4. Think of the seasons.

This is a little less relevant in Florida, but if there are leaves changing colors or if the temperature is dropping, warmer, more earthy tones give off a good vibe.

Kat and Chad had the perfect “fall vibe” outfits for their engagement session in Bar Harbor.

Fall engagement outfitsJenny and Colin wore neutral colors for their springtime engagement session in Orlando.
spring engagement outfits


5. Pick your outfits together.

Most of the time, the woman is a bit more excited about the photos and dressing up than the gentleman in the relationship. Even if that is the case, talk to your fiance and see what his favorite outfits of yours are. Does he always compliment you when you wear a particular dress? Start with that!

Thomas loves my polk-a-dot dress that my mom found for me at TJMaxx. When we had Danielle Poff Photography take our photos, I brought it along and we coordinated his outfit to match.

polkadot dress engagement photos

6. When in doubt, choose neutrals. 

I’ve gotta say, my favorite outfits are always neutrals. They allow the images to truly focus on the couple. And the tones are always captured beautifully on film (a lot of the other examples in this post feature neutrals too!). I was so excited when Juliette and Joon showed up in these classically neutral outfits for their anniversary session.

Engagement outfit inspiration

7. Accessorize!

This tip may conflict with tip #2 (be yourself). If accessories aren’t your thing, don’t force it. However, if you do love a little sparkle, make sure to include it! Fun jewelry and scarves make great additions to your photos. Every accessory has the potential to tell more of your story.

Also, dogs = accessories (at least in my book).

engagement photos with dogs dog engagement photos

8. Bring at least two outfits: one dressy; one casual.

This offers some variety to your session and allows you to feel like you’re going on a mini-date. I loved the contrast between Stephanie and Greg’s formal and casual outfits!

casual and formal engagement outfits

9. Don’t feel obligated to avoid patterns.

Usually, larger patterns and prints photograph better than smaller ones, but don’t feel obligated to avoid them all together. If you are considering a print, I’d recommend only one of you stand out with a print – but go for it! Remember that prints usually draw more attention than solids – but that isn’t always a bad thing!

I love the floral prints that our brides are rocking these days! Amanda found the most perfect dress at Target for her Chicago engagement session!

Floral print engagement dress Stephanie rocked this floral print during their fall engagement session in Door County Wisconsin. floral print dress for engagement photos

10. When all else fails, dress it up!

When all else fails – take a look on Rent the Runway and rent a fabulous dress to make you feel like a gorgeous bride to be! Flow-y dresses always look incredible in images! I mean, this Carol Hannah dress is to die for.

Flowy engagement session dressesI love the way the wind caught Courtney’s dress on the outskirts of San Francisco. flowery engagement dress

Do you have any tips or suggestions to add? Send them my way!!