Kyle & Michelle’s Wedding at Dubsdread Ballroom – Orlando Wedding Photographer

December 4, 2015

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I was excited about Michelle and Kyle’s wedding the day I met Michelle. This girl was excited to marry the love of her life, and she was excited about photos! A girl after my own heart! Michelle and I quickly became friends. She and I would text throughout the planning. She would send me sneak peeks of her dress and ask for my opinions regarding details. These two were a blast to work with and I’m so excited to share their wedding at Dubsdread Ballroom with you!

Michelle and Kyle were married on November 7th in Orlando. Some would assume that it would be a little chilly in November. Nope. Not on their day. It was a toasty 94 degrees – but we were all thankful that the sun was shining! We met Michelle at the Grand Bohemian Hotel where she was getting ready. The ladies looked flawless. And of course, they enjoyed the wedding day champagne while getting ready.

When Michelle was all ready to go, we headed to Leu Gardens for Michelle and Kyle’s first look. Michelle was super awesome and let us sneak in a trip to the garden for their portraits, and it was well worth it. Kyle had the sweetest reaction when he saw Michelle.

Michelle carried the most beautiful fall bouquet. I loved the eucalyptus and the peonies! Plus, she pinned her grandmother’s red umbrella pin to the stems. Her grandmother would wear that pin proudly saying “No one can rain on my parade.”  I love that Michelle incorporated that detail into her day!

The ceremony took place at Dubsdread golf course. The guests and wedding party were accompanied by a lovely harp music. Michelle and Kyle had a beautiful ceremony where they exchanged their own vows with the biggest smiles. (Pretty sure a puppy was promised – going to document that one here to ensure that it happens!!) It was a beautiful time to celebrate their love.

The reception hall welcomed everyone with fall themed decor. The night started with toasts, first dances, and cake cutting. It quickly evolved to a top notch dance party. I mean, seriously, their friends could dance! The evening ended with the new Mr. and Mrs. exiting through a sea of bubbles. It was truly a fantastic day!

Michelle and Kyle – thank you for being such a blast to work with! I have loved getting to know you and feeling so included in this time of your life. I hope our paths stay close and that I get to meet your bundle of fur whenever you add one to your life!! Hugs!

Thank you to the talented vendors that made Michelle and Kyle’s day wonderful!
Dress: Alegria Bridal // Florist: Flowers by Lesley // Venue: Historic Dubsdread Ballroom // Hair and Makeup: Weddings by Crystal // DJ: DJ Fun Factory // Cake: Publix // Catering: Dubsdread Catering // Bridesmaid Dresses: Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner // Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux and The Tie Bar // Invitations: Invitation Consultants // Favors: Charitable Contribution to Special Olympics of Orlando // Honeymoon: Peru!!

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