Bridal Portraits in Point Reyes – San Francisco Wedding Photographer

March 5, 2016

Maroon and blush bouquet by Sarah's Garden || The Ganeys Point Reyes Elopement || The Ganeys Point Reyes Elopement || The Ganeys Maroon and blush bouquet by Sarah's Garden || The Ganeys Point Reyes Elopement || The Ganeys Point Reyes Elopement || The Ganeys

Thomas and I try to make the most out of our adventures. When we knew we were going to be in California for an elopement in November, we wanted to utilize that beautiful California light as much as we could! I mean, who wouldn’t?

Thomas is fairly obsessed with the SF bay area, so he had some beautiful spots in mind for photos. I’m fairly obsessed with taking photos of my best friend, Brielle (she has been one of my muses from the very beginning of this adventure) so I had a pretty beautiful model in mind for the photos. We found a gorgeous vintage dress from Gossamer and I connected with a sweet and talented florist from Sarah’s Garden who made us a stunning, deep bouquet filled with peonies and proteas.

We woke up early Sunday morning because Brielle had dance practice at noon – and this place we were going (Point Reyes National Park) was over an hour and a half away. Not to mention, this place we were going was 71,000 acre park and we were looking for a specific spot, so we wanted to add some buffer time to our drive in case we couldn’t find what we were looking for.

We approached the park and wanted to hit up the visitor’s center. Of course, that didn’t open for another 45 minutes. With no time to spare (and limited cell phone service) Thomas started googling and took over the GPS duties.

Thirty minutes later we were approaching our destination – a shipwreck on the coast.

I looked out the window eagerly – looking for a ship in the distance. Thomas instructed Brielle to slow down. I looked toward the water. There it was. Right off the road. Right behind a parking lot. Oh. That’s it? That was easy! I was expecting to have to haul cameras through the woods, down to a beachy area. Nope. It was right there.

We approached the shipwreck, as the wind whipped around us, tossing my hair across my face.

The mud clung to my shoes as we got closer to the ship. To our dismay, there was water surrounding the boat. After driving over an hour from San Francisco, my fear of cold water wasn’t about to stop me. Off came the shoes and socks. I rolled up my jeans (and leggings) past my knees. Thomas carried Brielle across the water in her vintage wedding gown as I followed closely behind them with the cameras. The water was icy and sent chills up our legs, but Brielle didn’t complain once (despite the fact that I did – and I had probably 4 additional layers on)!

The wind tossed Brielle’s hair back and forth, but somehow it seemed perfectly tousled. The dark peony bouquet filled with delicate greenery by Sarah’s Garden and Design swirled in her hands.

We spent about 20 minutes by the boat. Thomas and I worked as quickly as we could. After we had captured all we could, we made our way back to the car and headed to a canopy of trees. One final pitstop on the side of the road on our way back into SF – and the day was complete.

It was truly a dream come true to photograph one of my best friends in the famous sun rays of California. It was also a dream to see this session featured over on Magnolia Rouge – one of my favorite wedding blogs!

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