My Favorite 2017 Wedding Trends

August 29, 2017

Blush and white bouquet by Still Floral at The Orlo || The Ganeys Letters as escort cards at Postcard Inn || The Ganeys Mismatched bridesmaids in blue || The Ganeys Blush and blue bouquet by Still Floral || The Ganeys Coral peach and greenery bouquet by Ashton Events || The Ganeys 2017 Wedding Trends, jewel toned bouquet by Ashton Events || The Ganeys mismatched blush bridesmaids dresses at Cummer Museum of Art Wedding || The Ganeys Table number alternatives styled by Amber Veatch Designs, Morean Center for Clay wedding || The Ganeys Table number alternatives styled by Amber Veatch Designs, Morean Center for Clay wedding || The Ganeys Greenery and white bouquet, wedding trends for 2017, bouquet by Braun's Fine Flowers || The Ganeys Vegan wedding ideas || The Ganeys Unique wedding centerpieces at The Birchwood || The Ganeys Escort card alternatives by Amber Veatch Designs || The Ganeys Compass escort cards at Carlouel Yacht Club || The Ganeys White, peach and greenery bouquet by Libby's Flowers, planned by Fab Chic Weddings at the Grand Hyatt Coconut Point || The ganeys

Well friends, as we dive into the next wedding season, I wanted to share some of my favorite 2017 wedding trends with you all! And, let’s be real, a lot of these are timeless, so just go with the flow.

I’ve been working on upping my Pinterest game, so you’ll see a lot of similar vibes throughout my boards! I’d love it if you followed along!

1. Loose, organic bouquets.

Okay, this isn’t a new trend and it is no secret that they are my favorite, but how could they not be? I love the way these bouquets are filled with texture and balance, despite the fact that they aren’t perfect spheres.

Mauve, yellow and greenery bouquet by Ever After Vintage Rentals || The Ganeys

I love how Ever After Vintage Weddings made this bouquet have balance despite the bouquet’s asymmetrical shape!

Organic bouquets by Still Floral || The Ganeys

Still Floral‘s creations are truly unbeatable! How phenomenal are these two?

Colorful organic bouquet by Ashton Events || The Ganeys

I love Ashton Events‘ bright use of colors for Kat’s bouquet!

2. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses.

I think this is such a fun idea! Let your girlfriends pick out dresses that flatter their body in a plethora of colors within a color palette. This adds a fresh vibe to your wedding that I can’t get enough of.

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses || The Ganeys

Emily let her bridesmaids pick from shades of blue for her coastal wedding.

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses || The Ganeys

Rachel’s bridesmaids wore different blush gowns – I love the variety here!

3. Speaking of bridesmaids – keeping it intimate, or dropping the wedding party all together.

Yeah, this one is a little shocking. I wrote a blog post about it awhile back because the concept of no wedding party was so bizarre to me. Thomas and I opted not to have an official wedding party and it eliminated so much stress from the planning. My girls were all still with me (yes, even for the very early hair and makeup) but we dropped all of the formal traditions. It was refreshing.

Benefits of no wedding party || The Ganeys

Meagan and Mike standing alone at their ceremony made such a statement.

No wedding party weddings

Me and my best friends from high school at our wedding. Photo by High Five for Love. See more from our wedding here.

4. Ensuring your day represents YOU and YOUR love.

Some of my favorite planners live by this philosophy. Your wedding day should be yours and only yours. Do you have a phrase that is “yours?” Make it your cake topper! Do you have numbers that are impactful to your relationship? Make them your table numbers! Are you musicians or poets? Incorporate that into your ceremony. Don’t be afraid to break the rules – it is your wedding day!

Unique alternative for table numbers by Amber Veatch Designs || The Ganeys

Kristen and Greg did an amazing job at this! Each table number represented something important to their relationship. Flowers by Amber Veatch Designs. 

A Cow Named Moo || The Ganeys

Kristen and Greg also decided to skip cake and eat ice cream sandwiches instead – ummm – yes, please! (Who am I kidding… I love the cake too!)

Vegan wedding inspiration at The Birchwood || The Ganeys

Lindsay and Dan had a vegan wedding filled with meaningful plant-based details. Every table had a different vegetable or fruit centerpiece created by Braun’s Fine Flowers!

5. Escort cards > seating charts.

Wait, there’s a difference? Yeah – that was a shocker for me too for a few years. Escort cards are individual cards (or other items) that have a guest’s name along with their table number. They are laid out in alphabetical order, so that guests can quickly find their name and enter the reception hall. Seating charts are often one large mirror or board with names arranged according to where the guest is sitting. This can create a bottleneck, as guests are searching through dozens of names to find their own name, and the associated table. My friend Amber taught me about this one – so she gets props here!

Unique Escort Card Displays || The Ganeys

These compasses also served as favors. I also love the geometric design used on the right!

Personalized escort cards || The Ganeys

Emily and Tanner wrote each guest a letter for their escort cards – melts my heart.

6. Greenery!

I feel like I’m cheating with that one, considering it is Pantone’s color of the year. But for real, adding some greenery to your decor is such a beautiful way to liven it up! I could go on, but instead I’ll suggest you check out this styled shoot we did back in March at Haus 820.

Modern Greenery Wedding Inspiration || The Ganeys

Amber Veatch Designs created a beautiful centerpiece for this shoot! Not to mention she designed the whole thing!

Greenery wedding trends || The Ganeys

I loved how Ali incorporated greenery throughout her wedding. Planned flawlessly by Fab Chic Weddings.

Greenery and white bouquet || The Ganeys

Lindsay had the most beautiful lush bouquet for her vegan wedding, created by Braun’s Fine Flowers.

7. A last dance all to yourself.

While all of your guests prepare for your grand exit, take a song and enjoy this moment all to yourself.

Last Wedding Dance || The Ganeys

When Emma and Corey did this at their wedding, I got goosebumps. It was the perfect ending to their celebration.


What trend was your favorite? Go ahead, pin it! Did I forget a good one? Shoot me an email!